Orchid Walk

Orchid Walk Tour Through The Montane Rain Forests Of Cameron Highlands

paphiopedilum spp

Orchid Walk

The vegetation of The Montane Rainforest in Cameron Highlands changes according to the altitude.

The abundant varieties of this special eco system house numerous species of terrestrial and epiphytic orchids.

The Amazing Corybas - The Helmet Orchid

The most amazing orchid species are the Corybas - The Helmet Orchid.

Cameron Highlands is a botanists' paradise housing many of these jewels.

Corybus spp

Observe The Variety Of Orchid In Cameron Highlands

There are estimated around 600 species of these orchid plants in Cameron Highland alone.

The plant experts will point out to you the many unique shapes and colours of these beautiful flowers so you can learn the names and the habitat of these unique plants.

The Orchid Walk tour is an excellent trip for the nature photographer and orchid lovers alike.

bulbophyllum spp orchid insect orchid9

Orchid Walk Tour

More Images Taken On Cameron Highlands Orchid Walk

golden orchid
cameron orchid
lilac orchid
white orchid

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